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Love Letters between Mary and William 1829-31 - chapter 5-6

Long or episodic work split into 5000-word sections.

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Love Letters between Mary and William 1829-31 - chapter 5-6

Postby jean.day » Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:50 am


William to Mary
16 December, 1820, London

Darling Mary,

I little thought when we promised to write once a fortnight, that now before the end of five weeks, I should be writing my fifth letter to you. I should not, however have written again so soon, had it not been that Arthur Fletcher is going down to Liverpool on Friday to spend about a month there.

I believe that I shall spend Christmas Day at Hackney, I was there on Sunday & they asked me to go out there on that day, but I shall not go till afternoon. I walked both there and back last Tuesday. It was a beautiful day, I set off across the fields & it was a beautiful moonlight night & I thought it was a pity to stage it back. I crossed the fields by moonlight.



Letter from William to Mary
Christmas Day, 1829, London
Dear Mary,

Having returned from breakfasting with Mr. Roscoe, & also from a short walk. I hope you received my letter & likeness last night. There is one thing I forgot to mention respecting it, it is hardly necessary to tell you that I do not wear such a riband as is in the likeness for I am sure you would never suspect me of sporting such a gay one, but Mr. Haughton, the artist, said it would look much better than a black one with a dark coat & waistcoat, or else I did object, but he had given its present colour before I was aware of it.


I have been to chapel to Essex Street where Mr. Madge preaches, they have a liturgy there as well as York Street, but the congregation seem to pay much more attention to the service.

You I suppose (it being a little before 3) are preparing to go to chapel, for I do hope that ere this you have overcome your aversion to going in the afternoon & are able to conquer the feelings which it excited. How is it love that you do not feel the same in an evening at Paradise St. Chapel? Are the lectures well attended now? I suppose from what you say that you generally go.
Much Love
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