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Short stories

She looked up just in time to see the house explode!!

General short fiction of under 5000 words.

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She looked up just in time to see the house explode!!

Postby lizzielobdobs » Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:48 pm

Looking in the mirror she admired her self one last time, "That will do!" She thought. The TV was full blast as usual, she knew exactly what he would be doing as she opened the living room door and as always there he sat in his dirty jeans with a bag of crisps on his lap a can of beer in one hand and the remote control in the other, "Are you sure you don't want to come out love?" She said "It Will be fun!" Fingers firmly crossed behind her back in case one day he said yes, but he had never said yes, he had never gone out with her not for years, he hardly ever spoke to her any more, let alone anything else. She had wanted more she had wanted him, loved him but now it was to late she had moved on, they still shared a bed but they never ever shared each other, she thought back, when did it all go so wrong she wondered, but then shaking her head it's to late for any of that now. He never even bothered looking up from the weather report he was so engrossed in.
"No you go love, I'm fine here, I have everything I want"

Leaving the house she never bothered saying good bye what was the point she could hear the TV blaring out so he would not hear her anyway.
Pulling the car from the garage she stopped outside to apply her lipstick smiling to her self as she tried to raise the soft top to her car, not that she remembered leaving it open, she shrugged, well she had been thinking of other things she smiled to her self, Jack was a keen lover unlike her husband!
Using hands free she dialed Jacks number, still fiddling with the soft roof of her car, "Hi yes I'm on my way" she said, looking up as the rain started to fall! "Damn" she went on "The sun roof is stuck and now it is raining!!".
"Never mind, rain never hurt any one!" he laughed "did you manage to set it all up?"
"Yes yes I did and I'm glad I have a degree in pyrotechnics" she laughed "It is all set up and should go off when he turns over for the football!"
"Good! then just get your self away from there and I will see you in a while."
Ending the call, she mumbled to her self "I can't go anywhere until I have got this roof up!!"

Stretching himself out on the sofa and glad she had gone, he smiled to him self thinking how she was all dressed up "For him" but now soaking wet! he had timed it well watched all the weather reports made sure it would rain, knowing how she would sit out side to Tart her self up some more, and also how much she hated getting wet! "serve her right!" he thought, after all she would not let me buy that nice light weight slim line flat screen TV I wanted.

Looking at the time she tried to start the car despite the rain, but it was to late! A huge explosion ripped through her house she looked up just in time to see their huge analogue 32 inch TV hurtling towards her car, and just before it hit her square on the head, "I wish I had bougt him that light weight flat screen Job she thought!!"
"Don't tell him Pike!"
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