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Oh, The tasteful classic...

Poet and know it? Lay your stanzas gently here.

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Oh, The tasteful classic...

Postby Root » Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:26 am

I remember as if it were today,
In the warm and gentle months of May

The sun would kindly give his place away
And the moon would suavely paint her way,

Enigmatic mistress, gazing far above
Rising up the trees, reaching for her love,

Yet cruel fate had a black road for them,
Never in this time, were they to meet again.

Such a time yet was when she first came
When stars did align, painting such a frame.

In that night we met, as we walked beside
The lake and as her blue, soft eyes she’d hide,

I remember putting the old boat to sail
And how in her arms, I would feel so frail,

And the moonlight would cascade over her hair,
She was so beautiful, and we’d just stand there

And we would stare into each other’s eyes
Not thinking of that moment’s demise,

Then in the midst of that majestic setting
For her love my lonely heart was begging

So I gazed a gaze-less stare and kneeled,
In that boat we kissed, it was surreal,

We were stranded from our worlds forever,
Lost in the vision of love, together

Yet that feeling no matter how brilliant
Faded away, as we grew ever distant.

And now it’s you, along the trail of lily pads
Skipping joyfully, just as she once had

Yet in these times the stars would say,
That skies and fate would have them stray

And that I am forever to be cursed,
To die submersed, in this dried thirst

As we step forward with history’s events
We find it in our hearts, this great romance

For what I am, you are to love me
And I too, for what I seek to see

Forever together, in the nights of May
Cold and distant, as if it were today

As we put the same old boat to sail,
As if depicted from a glooming tale,

As we lie beneath the pale moonlight beams
Together forever, lost in our dreams

You kiss me just like she once did,
And I forget I’m never to be freed

Beautiful and innocent like I’d once seen
My one true love, where have you been?
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