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Scream 5 Opening! *Updated (please read and comment)

Going boldly to faraway realms.

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Scream 5 Opening! *Updated (please read and comment)

Postby nathan1289 » Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:24 pm


Establishing shot of 17 Echowood, a picturesque family home,
Woodsboro, CA. Like the neighborhood surrounding, the house
is sleeping, except for one room...

PAN:The camera pans up into the lit bedroom.


As the camera enters the room it reveals 18 year old Janey
Thompson. A smart and athletic leggy blond, she has it all.
Janey is working on her mid term on her laptop.

LOW ANGLE SHOT: looking up at Janey as she works.
The laptop light illuminates her beauty.

Janey pushes the home button on her phone to reveal the
time, it's 23:30. She closes her laptop (the room becomes
suddenly moodier without the laptop light), she picks up her
phone and sits on the bench below her bedroom window. It's a
warm night and the light breeze is blowing her curtains
gently. She goes on her Facebook app...

Lets see who's online?

She scans through the online chat list.....
Why is it when you actually want to
chat, only the creeps are online?
(sighs) A pot head and an
insomniac......Big Bang it is then.

Janey throws the phone down on the bench and walks over
towards the T.V. suddenly a BANG is heard outside. Janey
stops and looks over her shoulder towards her window.

OVER THE SHOULDER:Looking out the window.
Her curtains and the tree outside her window are
blowing in the breeze.

An anxious Janey creeps towards the window. She kneels on
the bench and pokes her head out whilst leaning on the
window ledge. She surveys the area to find nothing, the
street is empty. She gets up off the bench and heads back
over towards her T.V. when suddenly........her phone rings
(Eta James - At Last).

MEDIUM CLOSE UP:The phone light illuminates the darkness
outside the window...

Janey stares at the phone for a second in thought, Who is
it? Why at this time? She breaks focus and heads over to
pick up the phone, the number is withheld. Phone still
ringing, she sits down on the edge of her bed. After a
moment of contemplation and watching the phone as it rings,
she answers.......


A moment passes....no answer, she tries again...

Hello is anybody there?

Another moment of silence, impatient, one last try...

Hellooooooo is anybody there?!

A slight delay, and as Janey is about to hang up.....


Janey hears the noise but didn't make it out, puzzled, she
puts the phone back up against her ear....

Hello? go ahead, who is it?

It's me....stupid.

The voice is definitely a male, but Janey can't place him.
More intrigued, Janey lies back on her bed.

HIGH ANGLE LOOKING DOWN: Janey lay on her bed.

Who the hell is that?

I'm offended you don't recognise

(twirling her hair)
Don't be offended; you're sounding
kinda needy.

It's best to keep me on side.

Well before I upset you further, babe.....
I'm gunna hang up.

I wouldn't hang up if I was you.

Janey holds the phone out again and looks at the screen. A
slightly menacing laugh echos out the phone into the
bedroom. She re-engages...

Are you ad-libbing from some 90's slasher?

So you like scary movies?

Old ones; not this new shit,
it's become an annual joke, like
the "Stab" movies or
"Perfectly-normal Activity".

Your not afraid of ghosts?

Have you seen jersey shore? It's
the orange I'm afraid of not the

Well why don't you like the "Stab"
movies?....They're based on true
events you know?

Clearly more relaxed, Janey gets up and begins to pace
around her room, fidgeting with photos and jewelry.

Of course I know they're based on
real life, I go to Woodsboro High,
the nucleus of terror town.

You live in Woodsboro?

The room has cooled, Janey rubs the goosebumps on
her chilly arms, she heads over to the window, closes
it and sits on the bench below it.....

Wait, you don't? who is this?

A moment of silence passes....

Isn't a little mystery more fun?

When it's 23:30 and your on your rag,
no, it's not. I'm afraid it's answer or adios!

Ultimatums? That's not your role.

I have no role, this casting call is over.

Oh you have a role,
your the star of the opening!

Janey can't help but feel freaked out. She is becoming
more and more agitated with the mystery caller....

(Sarcastically) What, I don't make it to the end?

Depends, first you need to do as I say....

Yeah well I don't listen to
creeps, so I'll dance with the
devil on that. Now you either tell
me who you are, or I'm out!

You want answers?

Uh huh.

Fine. First though, I wanna play a

Janey bursts out laughing at he callers scare tactics....

Really?....That's what you wanna go
with? You do realise that's not
actually scary anymore? That just
means you wanna go on Xbox Live.

Janey clearly over the conversation, stands up and
Look, dude, go speak to the
social network guys, work on your
creepy little phone script, then
call me back, OK?

Janey waits for a response to her rant, nothing......
Silence? huh. I was expecting more.
No threats of carnage? No terror talk?

Another moment of silence then....


No? wow, your a psycho rule book

Well not completely,
I'm in your.......HOUSE.

Imagination racing Janey becomes even more scared, she
continues to project a front, as she heads to her bedroom

Is it the garage? or the garden? Oh
no, your not in my garbage bin? I'm
bored.....game over.

Janey hangs up and throws her phone onto her bed. She heads
out of her bedroom. She turns the lights on as she
tentatively creeps down stairs. She heads into the kitchen
and grabs a drink from the fridge. As she pours the drink
into a glass she stares into her darkened living room. She
looks through the window directly facing, clearly affected
by the call....
What a creep! who prank calls,

She looks down at the glass as she finishes pouring. When
she lifts her head back up, there is a black figure with a
white ghostface mask staring back through the window!

What the fuck?!

Within a flash it's gone. Janey begins to panic, she is
tired, but she is sure what she saw was real. She slowly
creeps into the living room and switches on the lamp.
She walks over to the window and slowly begins to peel
back the curtain to reveal........nothing. There is nobody there!

That fucking idiot has actually got
me seeing things, Jesus!

She lets go of the curtains and heads back towards the
stairs, suddenly the car alarm begins to sound off outside!
She stops dead in her tracks, and looks over her shoulder at
the front door. Fear is brushed across her face.
Oh shit!

Janey takes a second to calm herself down....
Come on, it's all

Just as Janey begins to turn round and head towards the
door, her phone begins to ring upstairs in her bedroom!
(EtaJames - At Last).
It's OK, that's probably just the
fam telling me they're on their way

Janey heads up stairs into her bedroom. Just as Janey enters her room
the camera stays on her bedroom door and the bathroom door next to it.
Suddenly light beams from underneath the bathroom door! Oblivious to
the light turning on next door, Janey quickly picks up the phone and answers.....

Yeah, who is it?

It's me......stupid!

A sadistic laugh echoes out of the phone! Janey quickly
hangs up and puts it in her pocket. She runs back down the
stairs and stops at her front door. with the alarm still
ringing outside, she stares for a second. Suddenly it stops.
Janey switches on the hallway light, she looks at the key
rack which hangs on the wall. Below the label reading
"Janey's ride" is an empty hook!

What the fuck?! Now I know, I put
them there when I came in.

Janey's phone begins to ring! (Eta James - At Last). Now she
is full on scared, she reluctantly pulls her phone out and
looks at the calling screen, unknown number! She answers....

Who the fuck is this? If it's just
a prank you better say, because I'm
about to ring the cops!

(sadistically) Oh Janey......I'm
gunna hang your keys on your
fucking insides!

Fuck you!

Janey hangs up the phone and runs into her living room. She
peels back the curtains once more to survey outside.
Suddenly her car lights flash, the boot opens up, then the
car doors open one by one. She lets go of the curtain and
begins to phone the police...Suddenly her phone rings again
startling her, she drops the phone, the screen CRACKS!

Oh shit, nooo!

Suddenly her doorbell rings, the terrorised Janey begins to
sob. She runs round switching all the lights on to reduce the
darkness. She runs over to the house phone, the handset
isn't there!
Oh for fuck sake!

Janey scans the living room looking for the handset. It's
not there. Suddenly she has an idea...
The pager button!

Janey runs over to the handset dock, she presses the pager
button to locate the phone. She listen's out for the beeping
phone. It's upstairs!.......she follows the sound, creeping
up the stairs. The bathroom door is now ajar, the light
is beaming out. The beeping is coming from in there!
She walks over to the door, she grabs the handle and
slowly opens the door to reveal.......the phone
beeping on top of the toilet! Janey rushes over and grabs
the phone, she turns off the beeper, as she turns round she
notices something on the mirror! Written in red lipstick is
"You forgot to lock the back door!". Janey begins to sob, as
she goes to lock the bathroom door, Ghostface peels fro, round
the corner! He rushes towards her, Janey slides underneath
the sink, as ghostface lunges towards her. As she runs out
the door she slams it in his face, knocking him to the
ground. She flees downstairs and heads for the front door.
Just as she reaches it, it bursts open! An elderly man is
stood there in his dressing gown, it's Janey's neighbour
Mr Sampson.

What the hell is going on in here,
it sounds like world war 3?!

Help me! Somebody is trying to kill me!

Mr Sampson embraces the hysterical Janey. He begins to try
and calm her down.

It's alright dear nobody is going
to hurt you, the police are on
their way.

No you don't understand.......

Before Janey can finish her sentence Mr Sampson pushes
her outside, and screams...


Ghostface comes rushing down the stairs! Mr Sampson
Swings a punch but ghost face ducks, he stabs Mr Sampson
in the stomach, then savagely slashes his throat.


Janey runs to her car, all five doors are still open. She
slams the boot shut then jumps in the back seat. She shuts
both back doors and pushes down the locks. She then climbs
into drivers seat, she slams both front doors shut and
presses down the locks. Suddenly ghostface appears at the
front of the car, he climbs up onto the bonnet
and begins to kick the windshield violently! Janey sobs in
despair. She climbs into the backseat as the glass starts to
smash. Putting her head in her hands she starts to rock back
and forth. Suddenly the stomping stops. She peels away her
hands.....he's gone! She looks around outside the car,
nothing. She leans over the front seats to pear outside. She
feels the car swaying slightly, she slowly lifts her head
looking up at the roof top, staring back is a white ghostly


Janey screams frantically as Ghosface leans through and
begins to swipe down at Janey. His hunters knife swinging
just over her head chaotically! He begins to get deeper and
deeper into the car when suddenly......he flees! Police lights
begin to flood the street. Officers soon surround Janey
in the car. One of them opens the door and reaches out a

It's Janey isn't it? Your Kirby's friend?

Sheriff Riley! Oh thank god, that
was perfect timing!

A female police officer walks over to the Sheriff and Janey,
It's Deputy Judy Hicks.....

I'm afraid it wasn't soon enough,
Mr Sampson didn't make it.....

Janey begins to sob as Sheriff Riley consoles her...

He saved me. Oh god he's...

This isn't you fault Janey. Deputy
Hicks, makes sure the area is fully
secured. Janey lets get you checked
out and let your parents no whats
going on.

As Deputy Hicks heads inside the house, Sheriff
Riley grabs her by the arm.....

Looks like those calls to Kirby and
Sidney weren't pranks after all,
good job on putting them in the
safe house.

No risks, no deaths.

Absolutely. It looks like another
psychopath wants 15 minutes of

That, or they're just a plain old
crazy looking for another scream.

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Re: Scream 5 Opening! (please read and comment)

Postby Boab » Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:57 pm


I do not feel qualified to comment on what is meant to be a film script, but all I can tell you is that it creeps me out.

Maybe that tells you something.

I'm now going to switch all the lights on.

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Re: Scream 5 Opening! (please read and comment)

Postby Ergo Proxy » Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:27 am

i dont like this because i feel it's fan fiction, just a rehash of someone else's copyrighted idea.

also, i think i don't like it because i dont like the Scream series (so i was already prejudiced against this story before i even started reading it). it's a shame, but sometimes people wont give you a fair shake because they dont like the subject matter, genre or format of your work (i dont like screenplays either).

Funny thing is, if you had written this as a short story, and not as screenplay, i probably would have liked it. there's a definite shortage of horror fiction on this site.

Can you try writing an original horror story in short story format?
Ergo Proxy

Re: Scream 5 Opening! (please read and comment)

Postby nathan1289 » Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:47 am

I don't think it's re hashing someone's idea, as it's my attempt at a sequel, so granted the themes and charechters will be similar, but the ideas are trying to be fresh.

I tend to use this as a place to post first drafts of ideas, just to get a bit of feedback on my idea. So yeah, more horror shorts are a possibility and hopefully you'll read something of mine you like.

Check some of my other stuff out.

Regards, Nathan.
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