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Poet and know it? Lay your stanzas gently here.

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Postby Legsan » Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:51 am

So this is it,

here I am, master plan, never seemed as sound,

like a jam thats screamin' in my ear, no fear,

I absorb the waves,

like im there slave,

there control on my soul beyond refusal, I choose 'em,

and like my strife-I-like-to-call-my-life,

its my drug, I abuse 'em, but not-as-much-as-the-herbal-an'-chews-son,

get to know, check this blow, get-another-vallie in yah before dawn hun, run run-run run.

I scroll these lyrics like a tarantino dialogue, never slowin' always flowin' run as kosher as a synagogue,

dont wanna marry the griff bruv, I never meant to be a hog,

but if you try to be sneakin-n-keepin-the-potent-from-me, your gonna fuck our collusion, no confusion, "oi bruv you wanna twos on?"

share n care alike, 'cos I look after my brothers, as I should my lovers, we dont wanna mend our own ways only eachothers,

please dont bother, me, unless your falsely-hypothetically-sporadically going to comfort me, ignorance is bliss, my will is as weak as your kiss, give me the real deal and maybe-I-will-finally feel, this spirit, that I should have with one-other, because I cant put this to sleep, like my conscious when im high,

synthetically or naturally, however, its now or never, time is irrelevant,

This is straight from the chest, by that I mean the heart, its a start, my liver, is a killer, psycho-filler of proofs that were smuggled in, vats of moonshine with lime from a underground market,

Dont laugh, im not joking, only chokin' on the fumes that this rag is soakin', glue, brew, chew, just fuckin' give it to me, let me grind my spine, in time, with the grime, whilst you chalk up another line, sublime my brother, tell me your life story, never boring, always enduring,

my bodies all zombie, you dont know me, by that I mean, to come clean, my persona is a false meme, of who I wish I was,


from your stupidity,

hold on to my bond, endorphin induced, not loose, call a truce, other ways are weak, come with me and we will seek,

or if you would rather lose at life, I feel for you, not a clue, no one will deliver you,

but ive won, ive sung, with my heart, that was just the start,

the real question my yes man friend, can you pretend, you enjoy your life? your yuppie wife? the baby you never see cos you were unhappy, lazy,

an Davey, that booze will rot your brain, make you go insane,

another lane of shame stumbled down, sorrows drowned,

this one needs more affection,

or just become another statistic, what is this shit, im not sadistic, ill help who deserve, who earn, sit back n learn, appreciate, no hate.

End times, with my rhymes, no sign, of consciousness, alls a mess, smokin stress, remember-those-times-more-than-less-I-must confess, sittin alone wantin the best, ahhhhhhhh bless.
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